The Breast Crawl

When I first heard these words, I’ll admit that I thought it was a strange new swimming technique. Then I watched the video. It was so amazing to watch a newborn, unimpeded, crawling to the breast and nursing without the help of the “professionals” who normally assist the baby.

Teaching the Breast Crawl is a WHO and UNICEF initiative to help lower infant mortality. Basically it involves leaving a mother and baby alone, skin-to-skin so that the baby can nurse right away. Sure it tells those with mom to watch them both, cover them with a blanket if the baby is cold, but it totally leaves out all the routine stuff that can wait until this most miraculous and special time has happened.

What are your thoughts? Did your baby do the breast crawl? Would you do the breast crawl for a future baby? Anyone else see the video Delivery Self Attachment, same principle.

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