Fuming Mad

I was laying in the bathtub reading Working Mother and an ad caught my eye. It was right up my alley: “Working Mothers Have Unique Needs and government leaders need to know.” Sign up for a free teleconference on public policy and advocacy. Sure I thought. I ripped the paper out (so I could recycle the majority of the magazine when I was done) and these works jumped out from the ad: “some states are considering proposals to restrict information new mothers receive about infant feeding options…”

Yikes. Quick check. Abbott. Yikes. A quick check of their site links you to Baby Feeding Choice, the International Formula Council (IFC), read that as the formula companies banding together to beat down breastfeeding at every turn with their big corporate money. From there you can go to Moms Feeding Freedom , where the share stories of being tortured by breastfeeding moms and made to feel guilty for their choices. Oh and you can even sign their petition and read how the ban the bags campaign is a bad idea, despite numerous studies saying that sending formula home with breastfeeding mothers does hinder breastfeeding.

Abbott makes tons of money convincing women not to breastfeed. I mean even if you remove the billions they make on formula alone, look at what they gain from the drugs they happily supply when you’re ill…

Unfortunately, while the breastfeeding community has a ton of really cute poster children, we don’t have the corporate funds that the IFC has or Abbott, or any of the people who stand to gain from formula feeding. Heck, we can’t even count on our own government to protect breastfeeding the way they say they do…

So, congrats to Portland, OR for being the first city to Ban the Bags for BREASTFEEDING mothers. Consider logging on to Working Mother for their teleconference on public policy on November 15. (See page for details) You can also help by taking Medela’s working mother breastfeeding survey.

And we’d love to hear your voice at the Free Seminar on Infant Feending Choices, err I mean working mothers and families, oh wait, it’s really the Raise Your Voice: Advocating for Better Working Family Policy Conference

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