Birth On Labor Day

September is finally here, and Labor Day is going to be so much more than a break from school. All around the world, women are taking part in “Birth On Labor Day.” An arts-based movement to bring attention and awareness to the crisis in maternity care and to inspire communities to make the changes that will create childbirth choices that work for mothers. The event revolves around performances all around the world of Karen Brody’s play, “Birth”. “Birth” tells the story of eight women’s birth experiences and paints a picture of how low-risk mothers are giving birth today.

Find a local performance by checking out the BOLD website at Or think about hosting a performance in your city next year. In 2009, BOLD has announced that women can be bold any time of the year, so start planning now to host the play or the BOLD Red Tent in 2009 and put the spotlight on maternity care in your community.

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  1. Rebecca Wingebach says:

    BOLD I did it!

    Heck yea! BOLD Rocks!