Salma Hayek Breastfeeds Another Woman’s Baby

There has recently been much talk about Salma Hayek breastfeeding an African baby whose mother had stopped producing milk.? Here is an article in Time Magazine about the incident (scroll down to see the video).

I have heard that some are critizing her choice to breastfeed this child.? However, from what I have seen, the press has been quite positive about what she did.? On the daytime show The View, this was discussed during their “hot topics” segment.? The women of the View were mostly positive, saying that Salma Hayek did the natural thing.? Whoopi Goldberg surprised me by being the most liberal in her views.? Her attitude is generally not very nurturing when the topic of children comes up. ? First she was appalled that the producers of her show blurred out the portion of the video that showed part of Salma Hayek’s breast as she nursed the baby.? Whoopi said that this was not a sexual picture, it was a picture of breastfeeding and should not be blurred out.? She went on to say that women in our own country should help each other out in this way.? She said whoever has the milk should share it when needed.? Her co-hosts drew the line at cross nursing in our own country, but agreed that what Salma Hayek did was a wonderful thing, and that any of them would have done the same.

I also saw this discussed recently on the Oprah Winfrey show.? On this show she had a panel of four people.? There was Oprah, her friend Gayle King, George Stephanopoulos’ wife Ali Wentworth, and Kelly Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos.? They were all sitting at a table discussing recent news events.? When this topic came up, the three people on the panel besides Oprah all rushed in to say that what Salma did was a wonderful and natural thing.? Gayle King stated that when one is breastfeeding the breasts get hard and full of milk, and Mark Consuelos added that when a baby cries the milk lets down.? It was implied that it was only natural to feed the baby.? Ali Wentworth stated that there has been wet nurses throughout the ages, and that this was nothing weird or strange or abnormal.? She said that breasts are for nurishing children, not for sexual pleasure.? Mark Consuelos quickly jumped in at this point and said he believed that they were “multi-functional”.? It was a great exchange and all three of them were very supportive of what Salma Hayek did.? Oprah stayed silent on the matter, claiming she wasn’t knowledgeable enough on the topic to speak on it.

I was very happy to see these two very popular daytime shows jumping to Salma Hayek’s defense for breastfeeding this child.? I noticed how many of the people, both on Oprah and on The View spoke of the biological process of breastfeeding and implied that one is compelled to feed a crying and starving child when they have milk readily available.? Though I am aware that not all sentiments about the incident were this positive, I am very happy to have seen a mostly positive response myself in all the media I have consumed since this happened.? Perhaps this will help change the way people view breastfeeding, and the “multi-functional” purpose of the breast.

What have your seen in the media about Salma Hayek breastfeeding this child?? What are your opinions on breastfeeding another mother’s child?? Click on “leave a comment” on the left to voice your opinion.

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2 Responses to Salma Hayek Breastfeeds Another Woman’s Baby

  1. Ashley says:

    I am glad that there is such positive press around the issue. Salma met a need that she saw- nothing more.

  2. Robin says:

    I saw this! It was so strange because it’s on late at night and I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier since we have a baby. And I was so tired I didn’t get off the couch. I just kept watching TV. After seeing it I thought, “That must be why I couldn’t get off the couch.” I found it really interesting how much breast they showed. Not that I cared but it was way more breast than you’d need to show to nurse. The attitude of the men preventing breastfeeding was really interesting too. But watching the little baby die was so difficult…