New Spanish Commercial for Flex Brand Beds Features Actual Birth

American mattress advertisements typically feature a thin, white woman reclining on the bed in her pajamas.




European advertisements tend to be more progressive and inclusive, such as this recent non-heteronormative French mattress advertisement.



In this Spanish commercial produced by the firm Sra. Rushmore which was released today, the typical American mattress demo of trying to upset a glass of wine with a bowling ball pales in comparison as a subject to newborn Waira, who was born at home on the advertised product– a Flex mattress.

The slogan of this new ad campaign by Spanish company, Flex, is “Tu cama, el lugar m?s importante del mundo,” or “Your bed, the most important place in the world.” This commercial spotlights the home birth of Waira, daughter of Carolina and Nicholas Umpierrez of Barcelona, Spain. In the advertisement, they claim that their bed is special to them because it is where there son was born and they would like for their daughter to be born in the same bed.

Hat tip: ZGZ- Pro Parto Natural

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30 Responses to New Spanish Commercial for Flex Brand Beds Features Actual Birth

  1. Deon says:


  2. jamie says:

    wow. that’s amazing.

  3. Bonnie says:

    This wonderful ad showing a natural birth is inspiring. As a commercial for a bed is real true progress….This helps to make up for those TV spots that tout drugs for every conceivable problem.

  4. kitty ernst says:

    who said it couldn’t be done – that there were opportunities for commercial interests in out of hospital birth. I’m going to look into a flex mattress.

  5. Thank you so much for showing us these ads! I linked here from Facebook (as have others), so you should see many of us thanking you for this! Just beautiful. Here is most of the translation of the ad:

    ? New Spanish Commercial for Flex Brand Beds Features Actual Birth
    European advertisements tend to be more progressive and inclusive, such as this recent non-heteronormative French mattress advertisement.
    FABULOUS commercial. You need to scroll down to the video, so please do. It is SO worth it. My Spanish is rusty, but here is the gist: Notice the last line of the commercial… exquisite!

    “The best option is to birth my baby in my home, Eduardo, our first baby, was also born in the same bed.

    A miracle, isn?t it? To give birth to another, to help another leave the body?

    And a woman needs to give birth where she wants to, in the place where she feels good.

    (man says something I don?t understand)

    Mom says, ‘I can’t do it.’

    Midwife says, ‘Slow, slow? very slow, very slow.’

    Mom says something about the sights and smells of the birth, the warmth that giving birth at home is very special. (notice her bliss!)

    Your bed. The most important place in the world.”

    (Excuse my rusty Spanish.)

    Thank you again!

  6. Jill says:

    Barb (Navelgazing Midwife), gracias por su esfuerzo!

  7. Anne says:

    so amazing on so many fronts, blissful baby – thank you megan for posting

  8. lynnsofia says:

    They also said it was important for their daughter to be born in the same bed as their first son.

    The mom also said, “It’s a miracle, no? To feel a life inside you and to help it come out.”

    The man said, “you connect to the space in the most intimate way.”

    WOW. This video moved me. It has got to be THE MOST BEAUTIFUL commercial I have ever seen. I watch it over and over! My second daughter was born in my bed, and truly, there is something special about that bed.

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been posting it all over the place!

  9. Ellen says:

    This ROCKS!

  10. dani Williamson says:

    I love it!! I wonder if Select Comfort will advertise like that in the US?

  11. Myriah says:

    I love it. Very peaceful and comforting. I’d be amazed to see something like this in the US. Media like this could truly transform views on birth.

  12. julie schochet says:

    made me cry!!! oh, how f*cked up our country is!!! that was sooooooooooooo great! thank god some places are grounded in reality!

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  15. Jill says:

    Thank you for today’s link love, Our Bodies, Our Blog!

    You all are great!!

  16. Jill says:

    And also thank you to all of you who Stumbled, Dugg, Facebooked or Twittered!

  17. Laura says:

    How beautiful! I gave birth to my two kids at home in our bed and it is special. It was amazing to see the normalcy of birth and the comfort of it at home in this commercial. Nice to see it as the natural beautiful moment it is rather than the condition of crisis that necessitates a doctor’s interventions as we usually see birth in this country.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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  19. tanyetta says:


  20. raquelvelando says:

    increiblemente bueno .

  21. Gayla A. Jay says:

    Wow. why aren’t Americans having babies like that? That is how it should be. Love it. Gayla

  22. Katherine says:

    White just seems like the WRONG color for a duvet when you are giving birth on top of it, but it makes for beautiful visuals.

    And Gayla, some Americans ARE having babies like that. We just don’t see it much.

  23. Lia Mack says:

    Insanely awesome!!

    What’s wrong with our country…why can’t we be HUMAN like the rest of the world?!

    See how wonderfully alert and calm the momma was? Bringing a baby into the world naturally and among family…that’s birth the way is it meant to be.

    I’m posing this on my blog! Too good not to share ;)

  24. Birth In Joy says:


    *clapping enthusiastically*

    I am part of the 1% of Americans who birth at home…

  25. gena kirby says:

    Phenomenal, is there a transcript for the dialogue, because as beautiful as it looks, what they are saying is even more beautiful.

  26. Heather says:

    amazing! What a way to birth!! I wanted to birth at home :( sadly I was unable to! What a way to move forward.. now for America to CATCH UP! Also, It gave my children an awesome experience to watch a baby being born, as they both will be there to see their baby sister born in less than 8 weeks! Lets us know also, natural birth.. is empowering to woman, man, and children!

  27. sara says:

    gorgeous birth. lovely sentiments. how wonderful & hopeful that many of us will share this with others and potentially change the face of american birth(s)…

  28. Yvonne says:

    Beautiful. Literally brought tears to my eyes.

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