Birth Poetry

I felt your voice come to me in my dreams, as I swam in ideas of your labour day to come,

It came through in waves, but not in sounds, but feeling.
Every night?I traveled through your fears and expectations, with wide arms and an open heart,

I dreamed of myself holding your hands, of being exactly what you needed, right then.
Awoken, in a fury of confusion, my alarm has gone off?
This is the hour in which you knew that in the coming hours your baby would be born.
You invited me into your home, your life, your family, your heart,
As we rocked and swayed and breathed through your pains of labour.
Your calls heard by woman around the world, sharing the joys of this connected womanhood.
As the snow softly feel, and the pull of the moon could be felt through thick heavy white clouds.
In darkness you leaned over the kitchen table, and quietly said you couldn’t do this,
With my body holding yours, I felt my heart swell for the fact that I knew, this moment, you were the strongest you’ve ever been.
Turned to your husbands eyes, eyes filled with worry, with anxiety, with joy.
I gave him a knowing look, one filled with pride, for you are stronger than I’ve ever been.
In all the dreams, I dreamed before his birth, the day was quite not the same,
Brimming full of tears and hours ticking by,
I watched you learn to trust yourself, and I couldn’t give you anything more.
Amber Morrisey – birth doula

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