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Intervention Defined

Main Entry: in?ter?vene Pronunciation: \?in-t?r-?v?n\ ? in?ter?ven?tion \-?ven(t)-sh?n\ nou Function: intransitive verb Inflected Form(s): in?ter?vened; in?ter?ven?ing Etymology: Latin intervenire to come between, from inter- + venire to come ? more at come Date: 1587 1 : to occur, fall, or … Continue reading

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No Intervention Necessary: Woman Has Surprise HBAC

This surprise out-of-hospital birth story focused on the toddler-as-midwife angle. Just as interesting, however, was the fact that this woman avoided surgery. She was scheduled for her fourth cesarean on December 6, 2009. Congratulations to the family. Two-year-old Jeremiha Taylor … Continue reading

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Late Preterm Birth – STOP THE MADNESS

The CDC released another report on lat preterm birth today. ?Here are some of the key findings: The U.S. late preterm birth rate rose 20% from 1990 to 2006. If the late preterm rate had not risen from the 1990 … Continue reading

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The Infamous Cascade Chart

Be empowered by your birth, no matter how you birth!
If it is a bad experience, help to educate others so they do not go through what you did, so they can avoid the pain or heartache you have dealt with! Continue reading

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Prematurity Awareness

In case you don’t read any further, I think it’s important that you walk away knowing the signs of preterm labor: Contractions or cramps, more than 5 in one hour Bright red blood from your vagina Pain during urination, possible … Continue reading

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There are lots of interventions. ?Some are wonderful and used to save lives, but many are used simply because they are part of a daily routine in many birthing institutions. ?How many times have you heard someone tell you a … Continue reading

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Formula Fed America

Formula is a $4 billion dollar industry.? And we wonder why we have such “trouble” with breastfeeding? The United States has one of the worst breastfeeding records out of all the countries.?? This and more are discussed in the new … Continue reading

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Keep Mother and Baby Together ? It?s Best for Mother, Baby, and Breastfeeding

You’ve waited nine very long months to greet your baby.? Now the big day is here!? Do you really want to work through labor only to hand your baby off to someone else at the very last minute?? Babies who … Continue reading

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Avoid Giving Birth on the Back and Follow the Body?s Urges to Push

This one just seems like it is out of the Journal Duh.? I mean seriously folks, how can laying on your back NOT be pushing uphill? Can someone cue the song from Wicked: Defying Gravity?? Oh and can you quit … Continue reading

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Avoid Interventions That Are Not Medically Necessary

This is the health birth practice that gets me strange looks – why would anyone want to avoid medical interventions?? I truly think that people 1) aren’t stopping to hear the medically unnecessary part and 2) simply don’t trust birth … Continue reading

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