The day you were born

The day you were born
I heard your first gasp
and I cried in my joy
your hands were so tiny
your feet so perfect
my pride would not allow me
to see any flaw
and let me tell you
you had none!

The day you were born
I felt a new love
as deep as any crush
I’ve ever held
but more intense
a bond strong and new
your every breath
every move
was of complete interest
to me
I wanted nothing more
than to watch your tiny face
as it moved and twitched
in the newness of the world
I had fallen in love
unconditional love
for the first time.

The day you were born
was a birthday for me
I became
a whole new person
my heart was rearranged
no longer thinking
only for myself
but seeking
everything for you
I became
focused and directed
the world was so different
in my eyes
heritage, promise, hope, and mortality
were all in my thoughts

The day you were born
I was born too
born anew
a mother
who had not been before
nurture and love
grew in my soul
and dreams all became
for you

So now I am thankful
in my memory
of you
and the day you were born
since that day
you’ve grown and changed
I have watched you
with expectation
of enormous wonderful changes
and yet
mourned the loss
of the baby you were
you must keep growing
becoming the one
you are meant to be
and someday you’ll go
and when you do
I know I’ll find myself
the day you were born.
Dawn Meisenheimer Lewis

This is a part of the birth poetry contest.

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