Take Responsibility

Liberal news magazine The Nation ran an article on “Ten Things You Can Do to Improve Your Healthcare” by Donna Brook, poet and associate editor of Hanging Loose Press.  Her “ten items focus on prevention, the key to saving money and minimizing suffering.”  I give Brooks kudos for encouraging all to take measures to improve our individual health — not the least of which includes our maternity care, not opting for elective c-sections or choosing a provider known to have a high c-section rate.  Number 5 on the list:

“If you are pregnant or looking for an obstetrician, keep in mind that the US rate of C-sections is more than double what the World Health Organization considers acceptable. You should not have this major surgery–with all its risks–simply for the sake of convenience. Read more at thebirthsurvey.com.”

As universal as maternity care is, more people need to know and hear about responsibly choosing a care provider and seeking transparency.  What are you doing to help spread the word?

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