Beyonce’s Baby Blunder

An official statement was made today that says Baby Blue is taking over a whole floor, but is in an executive suite, with their own security detail and that she was not born via c-section, scheduled or otherwise.

As you’ve probably heard by now, Beyonce Knowles and her husband, Jay-Z, welcomed their daughter, Blue Ivy, this past weekend. You might expect this post to be about the reports that Beyonce chose a scheduled c-section, but honestly no, I have a different bone to pick with the whole situation.

The NY Post is talking to a dad who was prevented from visiting his premature twins because of security for Beyonce and her entourage.  Apparently there have been several such shut downs at the hospital during her stay, which reportedly encompasses a whole floor, minus the NICU, and costs an estimated $1.3 million for her stay.  This is also sad, that families in their times of need can’t get to babies.  What about moms who needed to nurse babies?  What about families who may have only had a few hours left with a baby who was very ill?  This is ridiculous.

The public health person is me started churning this over in my mind last night as I tried to sleep.  My first thoughts were to the waste of money.  Shouldn’t all patients have privacy?  Be it Beyonce and Jay-Z or me or you or anyone?  Okay, so that’s annoying, they get to pay extra and have windows darkened and people restricted from being in the halls.  The average person can’t afford it and probably doesn’t want it or care.  But then I started wondering – what about all the women in labor who were registered to have babies at Lenox Hill around now.  Do they get shunted to other hospitals?  In labor?  At what cost and to whom?  Maybe they just get shuffled to another area of the hospital, one less convenient for them and the medical staff, an area that maybe isn’t set up to specifically care for obstetrical patients.  What about the fancy modular birthing beds and birth balls that Lenox Hill brags about on their online tour? Did those move too?

To open a hospital, you need to get a certificate of need (CON).  That says there is a need for these services in this community.  Who is meeting the needs of this community while the whole floor is taken up for one family? While I used to think that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were crazy to have their first baby, Shiloh, in Namibia with their LA physician by their side for her scheduled c-section, at least I know that once they were out of the OR, there wasn’t all this craziness in the clinic where she gave birth.  Even Michael Jackson, known for his extremes, simply took the baby and immediately left the hospital, paying for care in his own home.

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