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US Gets a D in Prematurity

The preliminary data from 2008 says that the US rate of preterm births is 12.3%, down slightly from 12.8% in 2007.  The report card is based on the following indicators: Preterm Birth Late Preterm Birth Uninsured Women Pregnant Women Smoking … Continue reading

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National Prematurity Awareness Month

Many hospitals are enacting policies to prevent preterm deliveries by banning elective birth before 39 weeks.  Some have policies, some have enforcement or recommendations and others just do education.  Guess which works the best?  What’s being done in your area? … Continue reading

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The Duggar Family

I would like to extend my well wishes and thoughts to the Duggar Family though this difficult period of their lives after welcoming their 19th baby, Josie Brooklyn Duggar yesterday, December 11th 2009 via emergency cesarean section for Pre-E after … Continue reading

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The Infamous Cascade Chart

Be empowered by your birth, no matter how you birth!
If it is a bad experience, help to educate others so they do not go through what you did, so they can avoid the pain or heartache you have dealt with! Continue reading

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CDC Releases New Report Comparing U.S. and European Infant Mortality Rates

The CDC National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) released a new report this morning which compares infant mortality rates in the U.S. and Europe. Authors of Behind International Rankings of Infant Mortality: How the United States Compares with Europe explored … Continue reading

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Reducing Infant Mortality

Please watch this video and then spread the word about how to reduce infant mortality. Click here to visit the website and get help with writing to your legislator, or sending them this video. Reducing Infant Mortality from Debby Takikawas … Continue reading

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New Study On Scheduled Cesareans

There is a new comprehensive study about the safety of cesareans before 39 weeks gestation.? From the article, Early Repeat C-sections Increase Risks, Study Finds, published in the Washington Post, there is this quote about the study: The study of … Continue reading

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March of Dimes Gives US a ‘D’ for Prematurity

This week the March of Dimes gave the US a report card on prematurity. As some would have suspected, we are not doing well. Overall the US got a ‘D’ but my state was given an ‘F’, as were the states around me. Below you will find a post where Dr. Laura Riley talks about some things to be done to decrease the number of premature births in the US. In fact, she talks about prematurity from inductions and cesareans that are on the rise. My question would be how much is caused by what the physician wants and how much is the patient’s impatience? With so much focus on one day, could we lower the prematurity rate by simply giving the 38-42 week span as the possible due date?

You can go here to sign the March of Dimes petition for premies. Continue reading

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March of Dimes Interview for Prematurity Awareness Month

Dr. Laura Riley answers some important questions on prematurity and birth interventions for the March of Dimes and Birth Activist.

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C-Sections = More Preemies?

Not only has the rising caesarean rate been a concern to those devoted to mother-friendly maternity care, but now a correlation is more publicly being made between caesareans and premature births. An article on MSNBC, “C-sections May Be Behind Rise of Preemie Births” suggests that arbitrarily picking a date for delivery may indeed lead to the rising number in premature births.

From the article: “Premature babies are at greater risk for a number of medical and developmental problems such as troubled breathing, bleeding in the brain, birth defects and death. Premature birth is defined as delivery before the 37th week of pregnancy, rather than the typical 40 weeks.”

Due dates are estimations based on generalized numbers and cycles. Unless a mother goes into labor naturally, there is really no one hundred percent accurate way to tell when a baby should be born. Exceptions would be for complications, of course, which according to the World Health Organization should be less than ten percent — more accurately around four percent.

“There was an increase of 60,000 (between 1996-2004) who were pre-term, and 92 percent of them were by Caesarean section,” cites Dr. Alan Fleischman, medical director and senior vice president of the March of Dimes infant health advocacy group. He is particularly concerned about the number of unnecessary cesareans.

Between mothers recovering from major abdominal surgery and infants in critical health condition, our health providers should be concerned as well.
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