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Birth Time Capsule

Let’s imagine that we could capture the essence of pregnancy and birth today in a time capsule to be opened in 2112.  Here is what I’d put in: A DVD full of the crazy TV births A birth ball A … Continue reading

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Birth Resolutions for 2011 Blog Carnival

Last week on Twitter there was a whole line of comments talking about what people wanted to see happen in 2011 as far as birth went.  You saw comments like: Lower the cesarean rate. Women are treated fairly by doctors. … Continue reading

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But Why is VBAC so Important?

I am sure that I am not the only person to ask myself this with the announcement of the National Institute of Health VBAC Conference announcement.  But unlike most, I know more than my fair share about VBAC after having … Continue reading

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Angie’s List Induction-Turned-Cesarean Commercial

Transcript of an actual Angie’s List review: At my 41 week appointment, my OB decided to induce me, but I guess I took longer than he expected because just as I went into hard labor, he told me he was … Continue reading

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The Duggar Family

I would like to extend my well wishes and thoughts to the Duggar Family though this difficult period of their lives after welcoming their 19th baby, Josie Brooklyn Duggar yesterday, December 11th 2009 via emergency cesarean section for Pre-E after … Continue reading

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The Infamous Cascade Chart

Be empowered by your birth, no matter how you birth!
If it is a bad experience, help to educate others so they do not go through what you did, so they can avoid the pain or heartache you have dealt with! Continue reading

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Danielle’s Birth Stories

I love being a Birth Activist! Continue reading

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Once a Cesarean, Always a Cesarean : The Tides Must Change…

Until you have walked in someone elses shoes, you should always think twice about what you have to say about their personal experience. That goes especially to those who have never had children, or had a cesarean section. Continue reading

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NHS YouTube Video Campaign Teaches Teens that Birth is Humiliating

The Leicester NHS Trust posted an anti-teen pregnancy campaign video on YouTube aimed at teaching school-age girls and young women that sex (or unprotected sex) should be avoided because it can result in pregnancy, which will end with birth, which is excruciating, humiliating and shameful.

Click over to read more… Continue reading

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