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Famous Women – Blog Carnival

It’s Women’s History Month and I  know that there are several women who I enjoy learning about because of how they changed the world for me.  My early days were consumed with the fascination of Elizabeth Blackwell, MD, reportedly the … Continue reading

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But Why is VBAC so Important?

I am sure that I am not the only person to ask myself this with the announcement of the National Institute of Health VBAC Conference announcement.  But unlike most, I know more than my fair share about VBAC after having … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating During Your Pregnancy

I can certainly say, when I got pregnant with my oldest, I thought pregnancy was a free ticket to pig out and live on junk food, but I quickly learned through my reading, that is not the case at all!! … Continue reading

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The Infamous Cascade Chart

Be empowered by your birth, no matter how you birth!
If it is a bad experience, help to educate others so they do not go through what you did, so they can avoid the pain or heartache you have dealt with! Continue reading

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Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

As one of my steps in helping to have a great birth, and avoid a cesarean section in a society where 1/3 of births are by surgery, I highly suggest Chiropractic care! Continue reading

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